My dear Vinians,

In 2014, VINOBA proposed an idea to the school where Vinians from various walks of life and other well wishers of the school could engage in different welfare initiatives connected with school as well as our communities and society, hence Project VINOBAconnect (VINconnect) was born, an umbrella under which all the welfare initiatives undertaken by
VINOBA shall fall.
As a result in 2014 itself and under the banner of VINOBAconnect, the first initiative was started named Project Transcent, where Vinians from different walks of life and other well wishers of the school started engaging with the school (students/teachers) in career guidance, motivational talks, workshops, followed by question-answer sessions. To name a few, following who got engaged with Project Transcend in BPS (kindly update if any name is missed out).
. Madhukar Sharma – Introduction of Project Transcend, Motivation talk to all the
• Manish Anand (1990 batch, Kanad house) – Leadership to all the Prefects
• Suhaas Joshi (1993 batch, Vyas house) – Law as a career
• Ratnesh Kumar (1985 batch, Patanjali house) – Motivation and Corporate career
• Mukesh Singh (1985 batch, Katyayan house) – Motivation and Corporate career
• Ashish Vachhani (IAS) (1987 batch, Kanad house) – Motivation & Civil Services as a career
• Sant Saran Mantri (IRS) (1983 batch) – Chief Guest Founders Day & Golden Jubilee Debate
• Ashish Singh (2004 batch) – Sampling of school students for career guidance
• Col. VC Katoch (1974 batch) – Motivation (July 2015)
• Nitin Shandaliya (Vinian) – Digital Marketing
• Brig Salil Sharma (non-Vinian) – Chief Guest IPSC Swimming Meet in BPS
• Salman Khurshid (non-Vinian) – Motivation and Q & A session

Project Transcend was well appreciated by the Principal Capt (IN) Alokesh Sen, teachers and the students alike. Since then VINOBA has been arranging various old boys and other dignitaries to visit the school and engage with the students/teachers during various
intervals. To firm it up further, we constantly require Vinians from different walks of life to come forward for their alma-mater and impart their knowledge and experience for the benefit of students and teachers alike. I would request all the Vinians to kindly send their resumes mentioning clearly the area in which they would like to engage with the school.

Following are the areas that need immediate attention. Every session will be followed by Question-Answer session.
• Career guidance
• Motivational talks
• Workshops
(Workshops can range from one day to a week or so, and volunteer Vinians can reside in Pilani for such workshops. Vinians may take sabbatical leave and engage with the school for longer durations also). In future, we intend to expand our activities beyond school and engage with our communities and society in the fields of health, environment and of course education. Once we start, options are unlimited. For all these initiatives to take shape and run on sustainable bases, VINOBA request for your time and expertise.
APPEAL: VINOBA needs enthusiastic volunteers who can make a difference to our school and the society. Kindly send your detailed resume.
In addition to the usual information in your resume, kindly also add the following:
1) Batch
2) House
3) Guidance in which career
4) Topic of Motivational talk
5) Workshop in which field and duration
6) Other Expertise to enhance Life Skills
7) Recommended Age group
8) Personal interaction or Video conferencing
9) Contact details
Kindly keep updating your resume and send to VINOBA. If you feel you can volunteer in more that one sphere, kindly mention. If interested to be part of this movement for positive change, please send your resume on my email: In near future you'll be able to upload your resume directly on VINOBA website. More features will be added in our website in coming days. For any further clarification or information, please contact me. Thanks.
Madhukar Sharma (President VINOBA)
mobile: 91-9811694141